About Us

It is organized into two divisions: Products Division and Consulting Division. Linnet’s overall business strategy driving our products business as well as our consulting practices, is geared to leveraging three key sets of information technologies to provide extraordinary value to land-based businesses:

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) GIS is key to the effective operation of land-based businesses because much of the key data and information used in these businesses is spatial in nature.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Large consolidated firms facing a highly competitive global market or large public sector organizations require enterprise scale systems. These systems must be able to deal with the various aspects of the entire business, capture transactions across the organization, and provide access to comprehensive information across multiple organizational units and levels. In addition, since these systems address land-based functions, they must handle spatial information and must therefore be GIS-enabled. Linnet’s packaged products as well as many of our custom-developed systems are precisely these kinds of applications.
  • Internet as a business platform The emergence of the Internet as a business platform offers remarkable opportunities for collaboration across organizational boundaries ranging from better Supply-Chain Management to community-based economic development.