Through ten years of consulting and product development experience, it has developed a base of software and business domain knowledge that we are able to use as a starting point for new clients. The existing base of software that brings to the table is licensed or included within the solution for a fraction of the cost involved in developing from scratch. Therefore able to provide solutions cheaper and faster and with more functionality than competitors in the consulting business.

  • Environmental Management
    · watershed management
    · soil and water conservation programs
    · water use licensing
    · water quality monitoring
    · nutrient and manure management
    · WHMIS and ISO 14000
    · NPDES and EPA 319 programs
    · approvals and permits
    · biodiversity information management
  • Utilities /Municipal
    · distribution design
    · joint use facilities management
    · transmission line management
    · property management
    · mobile solutions/field data acquisition
    · photo indexing
    · Internet solutions

  • Geomatics
    · spatial data acquisition
    · resource inventory & data warehousing
    · digital reference mapping


  • Application Development
    · strategic technology planning
    · requirements analysis
    · application design and development
    · system implementation
    · data migration
    · training and documentation
    · outsourcing maintenance and support
  • Spatial database construction/integration/migration
    · conversion of hard copy paper maps to digital format
    · structuring spatial databases for use in business applications
    · production of value-added map products